Thursday, January 5, 2012


This year I decided that I was going to make some of my Christmas gifts. I don't know why, but I decided to make two things that I had never tried before - nut brittle and strawberry jam. Unfortunately things didn't quite go as planned and my attempt at cooking with sugar was a disaster! In a nutshell, I overcooked the first batch of brittle, then under-cooked the second. The jam didn't set but I still bottled it (hoping it would miraculously set), but after all that the jars didn't seal. We still ate the brittle, but I had to throw away all the jam - devastating (and so much for saving money)!

After my kitchen nightmare, I decided to avoid cooking with sugar and ordered some amazing fudge from The Fudgery. I also decided to stick to what I know and bake Christmas cookies. I salvaged the jars from my original attempt and used those to package the fudge.

The attempt at strawberry jam:

The repackaged jars: 

Baking Christmas cookies:

And with the leftover strawberries from the jam, I made:

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