Sunday, December 11, 2011


While travelling in South East Asia we spent five days in Luang Prabang which is probably the most magical city I have ever been to. As it's a World Heritage site all the buildings are beautiful preserved and it has a sense of timelessness that I didn't experience anywhere else  in Asia. Every night the main street closes down and there is a market filled with stalls selling everything from paintings to scarves to lamps to slippers. Mostly things are handmade and it's nice not to find the cheap t-shirts and fake watches you see everywhere else. While we travelling I didn't do much shopping, mostly because moving around wasn't easy and the two of us shared one backpack where space was seriously limited! There was one stall in the market selling handmade bags, and I knew I just had to have one! There was so much colour it almost made your eyes sore - which I loved. This was the one I settled on in the end.

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